Horticulture Schemes

Name of the SchemeTEA DEVELOPMENT
ObjectivesTo continue experimental plantation of tea and to find the possibility of growing tea economically as well as in commercial scale. Seedlings are raised in the experimental station and distributed free to farmers.
Pattern Of AssistanceSeedlings are offered for sale at the rate 1.00 per tea seedling and one time financial assistance at the rate 10,000 per hectare. PP chemicals, equipments, brush cutters, harvesters etc on scale at the rate 50% subsidy.
Type Of Assistance And Entitlement (IF Any) EntitlementOwantum of Assistance
1. To promote tea plantation by providing tea seedling to the growers at District level/ Tea Development Centre.1. . 1/- per seedling sale to the growers
2. Training programme to the Tea Growers at Village/ District level.2. 100% assistance by providing DA @189 per day/per farmer.
3. Sale of Bio fertilizers, Bio pesticides, Bio fungicides, equipments etc. to the tea growers by Tea Development Centre situated at Umsning, Rongram, Riangdo.3. 50% subsidy sale to the growers.
Eligibility CriteriaBonafide farmers engaged in Agricultuure, possessing own or leased land of at least 0.2 (hectares) or more.
How to AvailBonafide farmers can apply in plain paper through the nearest Horticulture Development Officer of a CD Block/ Horticulture Circle.
Mode of Selection of Beneficiary(s)Bonafide farmers on first come first serve basis.
Whom to Contact1. District Horticulture Officer
2. Horticulture Development Officer.