Horticulture Schemes

ObjectivesTo boost up production and productivity of potato per unit area by providing quality HYV seeds, equipments at 50% subsidy. The Scheme also aims to popularised and encourage cultivation of tapioca, colocasia, sweet potato etc.
Pattern Of AssistanceSupply of HYV seeds, pesticides and sprayers to farmers for sale at 50% subsidy.
Type Of Assistance And Entitlement (IF Any) EntitlementOwantum of Assistance
1. To boost up production of potato by providing quality HYV seed, organic based plant protection measure and P.P equipments.1. 50% sale to the farmers.
2. For the potato seed experimental farm Upper Shillong, all inputs are provided for the purpose of multiplication of Breeder seed into foundation seed potato before distribution to farmer.NA
Eligibility CriteriaBonafide farmers engaged in Agriculture, possessing own or leased land of at least 0.2 (hectares) or more.
How to AvailBonafide farmers can apply in plain paper through the nearest Horticulture Development Officer of a CD Block/ Horticulture Circle.
Mode of Selection of Beneficiary(s)Bonafide farmers on first come first serve basis.
Whom to Contact1.District Horticulture Officer
2.Horticulture Development Officer