Horticulture Schemes

ObjectivesTo make available to the farmers good quality planting materials in convergence mode and sale at subsidised rates.
Pattern Of AssistanceNA
Type Of Assistance And Entitlement (IF Any) EntitlementOwantum of Assistance
1. To promote fruit cultivation by making available to famer good quality planting materials including horticultural tools and implements.1. 50% subsidy sale to the farmers.
2. Citrus rejuvenation programme for the senile orchard by providing the organic based plant protection measures.2. 100% assistance.
3. Creeper fruit plant like Kiwi, Grapes etc. permanent trellies system are provided but planting and erection are to be done by farmers.3. 75% subsidy assistance limited to 500 sqm per beneficiaries.
4. Training programme at village levels are provided to educate the farmers for 50 Nos. of farmers per training.4. 100% assistance by providing DA @ `189/- per farmer.
Eligibility CriteriaBonafide farmers engaged in Agriculture, possessing own or leased land of at least 0.2 (hectares) or more.
How to AvailBonafide farmers can apply in plain paper through the nearest Horticulture Development Officer of a CD Block/ Horticulture Circle.
Mode of Selection of Beneficiary(s)Bonafide farmers on first come first serve basis.
Whom to Contact1. District Horticulture Officer
2. Horticulture Development Officer